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Certified Communications Professional

CCP-1The AWC Matrix Foundation’s Certified Communications Professional program has been approved by the national AWC Board of Directors, endorsed by the University of Washington Department of Communications and is open to any professional who has been employed in any area of communications for two of the last five years at the time of application.  The successful applicant must also be a member of a recognized professional communications organization at the time of application and maintain membership while completing the program.

The AWC Matrix Foundation’s program offers you the opportunity to become a Certified Communications Professional (CCP). Here’s how: You earn points toward certification: a total of 3,000 points – 1,500 points from professional and volunteer activities and 1,500 points from education activities. You are probably already part way to your goal because you may count activities of the past five years as well as those you perform for up to three years after you begin this program.

Find out more about the program, review the point chart, review costs, view promotional materials and more on the CCP Program Details page.

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