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CCP Recipients

The AWC Matrix Foundation Certified Communications Professional program was established in 2005 and has been approved by the national AWC Board of Directors, endorsed by the University of Washington Department of Communications.  It is open to any professional who has been employed in any area of communications for two of the last five years at the time of application.  The successful applicant must also be a member of a recognized professional communications organization at the time of application and maintain membership while completing the program.  Below are the recipients of the CCP designation since the program was started.  To learn more about the recipient and why they recommend the certification program, click on their name.

Jenny Engle, Sarah Mackey, Cheryl Landes, Mary Napier

Jenny Engle, CCP; Sarah Mackey, CCP; Cheryl Landes, CCP; and Mary Napier, CCP were recognized at the 2013 AWC National Conference.

Congratulations to our current recipients:
Richelle Payne, CCP
Linda Hankemeier, CCP
Amy Kay, CCP
Sarah Mackey, CCP
Cheryl Landes, CCP
Jenny Engle, CCP
Anita Parran, CCP
Amy Rodek, CCP
Diana Rogers Jaeger, CCP
Susan E Brower, CCP
Diane M. Knerr, CCP
Mary Napier, CCP
Lynn O’Connell, CCP
Farah Salim, CCP
Lori Stephens, CCP
Cynthia Wallace, CCP

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